Serviced office solutions

Dedicated desk Standard office Office suite

Personal desk in a

office room shared with other businesses 

Private office space

Office space for larger teams with

private amenities options

1-2 people

Ideal time size

1-20 people

20-100 people

Shared 5h/mo

Meeting room

Shared 20h/mo

Private + 20h/mo shared



Adapted to your needs

Adapted to your needs

Allowed with meeting room booking

Guest policy

Allowed during business hours

Allowed during business hours


Car parking



1 month

Minimum contract lenght and deposit value

1 month

2 month

Hours of access

(some support services may not be available all time)


Flexible commitments

Monthly contract

Future-proof your work space with flexible options tailored to help your business adapt to changing times

What is a serviced office?

Also known as managed offices, these private workspaces come fully equipped with office furniture, meeting rooms, business lounges and other amenities such as on-site catering or parking.

All of these services are included in the package price, so businesses don’t need to worry about receiving any unexpected costs or deal with the overheads and planning of setting up a private office from scratch.

Serviced office spaces take away the pressure of running, managing and paying the overheads on a private office. With one all-inclusive package, they give you access to space and equipment you might not be able to invest in all at once in a stylish and centrally-located private workspace.

What are the benefits of a serviced office?

Alongside the all-inclusive package and access to high-quality facilities, there are other benefits to fully managed offices which you should consider when weighing up your options:

Flexible term contracts: unlike conventional office leases, serviced offices are signed for month-by-month rather than on an annual or multi-year basis. This means you can move locations, adjust the size of your space or cancel it altogether at short notice if you need to.

Reception desks: usually part of larger business centres or commercial buildings, most serviced offices have a staffed reception. This gives you extra security and means your visitors get a professional welcome without you having to pay the salary of a receptionist.

Less management: whether you’re setting up your office or have been there for a few months, the external office management team will deal with any problems that arise with your services or amenities. This means no more headaches or unexpected costs for your business if the wifi breaks or a water main bursts.

Make it your own: within some commercial properties, you might also have the option to customise your workspace. This means you can add your own branding and style to your workspace without the overheads of a long-term lease.

Great locations: serviced offices put you on the doorstep of the most desirable locations without you having to invest huge sums into a property in the right postcode.

Workplace recovery plans

We also offer workplace recovery plans for businesses that need to secure temporary serviced office space immediately.