Hourly rental of meeting rooms


To use a meeting room you do not need to subscribe to any other service.
Your guests are welcomed and wait in the reception.


‌Regardless the number of users:
‌- 1st hour: € 9.5 + VAT;
‌- following hours: € 8/h + VAT.
‌The minimum usage time is one hour, plus any multiple periods of half an hour (for example 1.5h booking: € 9.5 + € 4 = € 13.5 + VAT).


Monday to Friday (except public holidays), from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


All rooms are equal:
‌- capacity: 8 people;
‌- dimensions: 4.30 m x 3.30 m;
‌ - magnetic whiteboard;
‌- wifi internet access;
‌- air conditioning.

Free parking

Park your car free of charge in the building's garage during the booking time.
‌Near the 2nd Circular, North-South and Av. Padre Cruz.

Easy access

A 3-minute walk from Telheiras subway station.

Optional services

Prices with VAT already included:
‌a) water bottle: € 1.50/unit.
‌b) video projector:
‌- 1st hour: € 2.00;
‌- next hours: € 1.50/h.
‌c) A4 printing/photocopy: € 0.25/page.
‌d) A4 scanning:
‌- 1/2 pages: € 3.00;
‌- ‌for each additional page: € 0.50.

Rooms availability

You can check the availability in the calendar:

Room reservation request

The reservation request is only accepted, when submitted at least 3 hours in advance, in relation to the time of commencing of the intended use.

Request to cancel room reservation

R. Hermano Neves 18
Telheiras, Lisbon

Meeting rooms for non-resident customers, are available only in this building.